Depth of the music is very important for all those who are all music enthusiasts. They also aim at giving a powerful music and equally good sound. So they are more interested in developing such a stereo. The high range of music is generally handled by the speakers at the rear decks, door panels and at the dash. A sub woofer is no substitute for a device which can handle lower ranges which also separate a audio system and stock system. As far as an audio professional is considered he can handle the job of installing sub bimetallic screw barrel woofer to your system. Even an individual can try doing it. But how to install a sub woofer in a factory stereo?

There are few tools required for accomplishment of this task. The usage of such tools will reduce the man power required and makes it easy. It includes trim panel removals, Philips head screw driver, speaker wires.

The extruder screw barrel negative cable from the car's battery is removed initially. The battery's negative terminal is actually connected with the negative cable and to the car's frame. The cable's clamp is loosened with the use of a Philips screw driver. The clamp is removed and it is kept aside until the task is accomplished.

The next step is to search for the amplifier in the vehicle. In most cases it is factory made. The manual which is issued along with the vehicle by the manufacturer is to be referred often. The sub woofer is placed either in the car area in the rear end in the case of hatch backs or SUV or in the trunk of the car. The speaker wires are then connected to the corresponding outputs that is positive and negative ends of the amplifier.

The speaker wires are routed to the place where the sub woofers are located. There are possibilities for it to be located some where away from the sub woofers, in such cases the wires can be sent through the carpets in the floor of the car. The trim panels which are present at the door openings are pried free with the help of a trim panel removal tool.

The carpets are lifted and the wires are routed through this. Hiding the wires gives a custom look and avoids clumsy look. The trim panels are replaced manually. To fit them properly, pressure must be applied uniformly through out the panel's length.

The speaker is then connected to the input corresponding to each of the sub woofer. The positive is connected to the positive terminal and the negative is connected to negative. The grounding cables are reconnected to the vehicle battery's lead post which is negative. The cable's clamp is placed in correct position around the lead and then using a Philips screw driver it is tightened so as to avoid loosening of the clamps.

One must definitely know the simple steps on how to install a sub woofer in a factory stereo, to avoid unnecessary visits to the audio professional.